Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hollow Mountain Comics

Not an epic post by any means, but one that I feel is important!

With the loss of 21st Century Comics & Games we were left with only the Fortress.  (Which after listening to Wil Wheaton, I need to NOT comment on...)

Luckily two local guys shared my opinion of the Fortress and decided to fill the void of comic shops here in East Lansing.  Gabe and Aaron have opened a new shop in town, Hollow Mountain Comics.  The shop is really nice and really small, maybe 1/4 of what 21st was.  But these guys have packed a bunch in and are super easy to work with, they are cool on special orders and holds and are "normal" gamers.  In fact, I saw a girl in the shop once...If you don't know the importance of that find that Big Bang Theory that has Penny going to buy Spider Man comics...comic BOOKS...for her nephew.

Anyway, stop by and visit Hollow Mountain!  Maybe I'll see you there!

Here is their web site:

And where are they?  The are on the eastern end of Grand River, where it is still the student area.  They are below that Chinese restaurant that apparently everyone except me has eaten at....Here is the official address:

611 East Grand River Ave, Downstairs, East Lansing, MI


  1. I dig that place. Nice to have a local, indy shop that makes me feel welcome, not like I'm an interruption. I heartily endorse this place.

  2. " an interruption..."

    Perfect description of...of...somewhere else.

  3. I'll have to check it out. "Interruption" is a perfect way to describe almost any game/comic store I have ever been in. While there are some exceptions, I never understood why those stores seem to go out of their way to hire people that are socially deficient.